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Back in Europe!

Hi everybody! A lot have happend since we last spoked. We got fed up with that living-in-the-states-thingy (nothing to do with our visas ending, promise!) so we took a flight back home to europe. I myself slept for a week or so, but Nina and Emma went straight back to it and continued on various Scandinavian resorts. Nina hurt her butt and Emma hurt her back so they where both pretty sore when we where heading for the Austrian Freeski Open. Me and Emma decided to steal her dad’s car and take the long drive to Austria. Unfortunately Maria couldn’t join us since her concussion wont go away, it’s a lot better though but still not good enough for switch dubs. In Kitzsteinhorn, Austria, the comp ended up being a rail-jam cus’ of super lame weather. rail-obsessed Nina couldn’t be more stoked to find that out and ended up winning the whole darn thing! Emma did really well but fell on the finish line when she missed her 270-out on the last box -touch√©! ūüôĀ


At the moment me and Emma are stoked to be in Tignes for Euro X-Games. It sure was a fun drive from Kaprun to here, passing through Italy was really nice with 17¬įC in the shadow! There was only one minor incident with a closed road 30-minutes away from Tignes, which resulted in a 3.5 hour extra drive… yay! Build more tunnels plz.



At the top, Kitzsteinhorn.


Good weather for a competition.


Pretty high up, pretty extreme!


Yes, there’s dirt on the lens. I know and I don’t care. shut up!



Now it’s lunch time. Euro x-games style, yummy!


Ajöss till sjöss,

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Dew Tour Snowbasin



Last weekend Emma, Nina and Niklas went to Snowbasin to participate in Dew Tour! We went there together with Eveline Bhend and had a nice little 8-10 hours roadtrip each way through the desert of Utah. We stayed in Ogden, that isn’t a very nice city. But a good thing is that at least Snowbasin is a super nice place, as it has HUGE lodges, great personal and not all greasy food!


Nina unfortunately got a concussion during the first day of practice. She slipped on the 3rd feature, a canonbox, and hit her side/head. So she was really sore and had a headache, so no competing for her…


Emma did the semi-final but couldn’t really get her run together and ended up on 10th place and missed the finals.
Big up’s to all the girls that was really throwing down on both the semi-finals and finals. There where all kind of tricks going – Double Frontflip, cork 900, switch 720 etc.


You’ll see some cool views when you go from Colorado to Utah


Big roads and big trucks


Nina when she flew out from the canon with head first


Emma on the second feature, an A-frame


Emma with a cork 720 on the last jump



Over and out from some retards in the Gondola!


/ The Shred O’rama Crew

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Get better with some Rain dance

Hey out there!


If you have been wondering what’ve been up to, I can tell you, not much. Emma and Nina is shredding mostly in Breckenridge and getting ready for the second Dew Tour stop in Snow Basin that is in the end of this week. They, together with Niklas, will leave on wednesday morning and will have an epic roadtrip before they’ll reach Utah. Meanwhile, Maria is still recovering from here concussion and it is step by step going better. Today she was trying, let’s say, a new method of recovery:


Maria’s head is getting better with a little help from some indian techniques in front of the fireplace


But she wasn’t the only one playing Indian…


… because Jonatan came home from the slopes just in time to be a part of it


… and things got a little out of hand. Don’t ask us what they are doing, but hopefully this rain-dance-thingy will get Maria back on skis in no time!¬†


By the way, Niklas is in this very moment working on the second edit that will be up shortly – so stay tuned for more!
Tomorrow is shreddin’ in Breck again and we’re hoping for sun and freeway


/ The Shred O’rama Crew

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Dew Tour Killington

Hey out there!


Our updates haven’t been the most frequent recently, and we are sorry for that. But we also know that we’ll keep updating a lot more from now on and in the future!
The past few weeks since we released our latest webisode has been hectic for us. We left from Breckenridge and went to the first Dew Tour stop in Killington where we all were competing. Emma finished 5th, Nina finished 10th and Maria finished 12th. But as a bonus was that Maria also got a really bad concussion after a crash in her 2nd run. She didn’t know where she was or even what she’d done for Christmas. Really sad as she now has to rest for at least three weeks. We all hope that she will get better fast and that she will come back shreddin’ with us in no time!


On the way over there Maria’s and Nina’s ski bags were still in New York when we got to out final destination in Boston. This made a lot of problems for them during the competition as they didn’t get their ski equipment in time. Although they did find a really good solution as they could borrow stuff for free from a local skishop in Killington. Thank you so much Black Dog Sports n’ Ski Shop¬†for saving Dew Tour for them!


Three scandinavian girls lost on the mountains in Vermont


Maria at the third rail feature. Photo:


Nina at the first jump. Photo:


Emma at the second jump on Sunday’s final.¬†Photo:¬†


If you want to read about when Emma went to X Games directly after Dew Tour, ->check out her blog here<-!


Thjillevippen, stay tuned
/ The Shred O’rama crew

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Finally on the interwebz!

Oh deer, here it is, our brand new website! Hopefully it’s downhill from here. It took a while to get all those to-do’s done!¬†When we finally had decided on which camera to buy it took almost two weeks for it to get delivered, and then we had to learn how to use it (still haven’t. Manual focus and picture profiles is killing me). Now we’ve been filming for a week or so, but without any tripods or rigs‚ÄĒwhich have been stuck in denver for 5 days because of we-don’t-know-why. Apparently¬†UPS don’t want to work on christmas holidays, so now we just have to wait until tomorrow.


Any who, the weather forecast says sunny, sunny, sunny, and it’s been like that for a few weeks now; spring weather and almost no snowfall at all.


Been eating christmas food left overs all day and now it’s time to get to the editing. Don’t really know how to render these 7D-clips but google is your friend, gonna be a long night as usual.


Later Chet Baker,


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