Dew Tour Killington

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Our updates haven’t been the most frequent recently, and we are sorry for that. But we also know that we’ll keep updating a lot more from now on and in the future!
The past few weeks since we released our latest webisode has been hectic for us. We left from Breckenridge and went to the first Dew Tour stop in Killington where we all were competing. Emma finished 5th, Nina finished 10th and Maria finished 12th. But as a bonus was that Maria also got a really bad concussion after a crash in her 2nd run. She didn’t know where she was or even what she’d done for Christmas. Really sad as she now has to rest for at least three weeks. We all hope that she will get better fast and that she will come back shreddin’ with us in no time!


On the way over there Maria’s and Nina’s ski bags were still in New York when we got to out final destination in Boston. This made a lot of problems for them during the competition as they didn’t get their ski equipment in time. Although they did find a really good solution as they could borrow stuff for free from a local skishop in Killington. Thank you so much Black Dog Sports n’ Ski Shop for saving Dew Tour for them!


Three scandinavian girls lost on the mountains in Vermont


Maria at the third rail feature. Photo:


Nina at the first jump. Photo:


Emma at the second jump on Sunday’s final. Photo:


If you want to read about when Emma went to X Games directly after Dew Tour, ->check out her blog here<-!


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