Dew Tour Snowbasin



Last weekend Emma, Nina and Niklas went to Snowbasin to participate in Dew Tour! We went there together with Eveline Bhend and had a nice little 8-10 hours roadtrip each way through the desert of Utah. We stayed in Ogden, that isn’t a very nice city. But a good thing is that at least Snowbasin is a super nice place, as it has HUGE lodges, great personal and not all greasy food!


Nina unfortunately got a concussion during the first day of practice. She slipped on the 3rd feature, a canonbox, and hit her side/head. So she was really sore and had a headache, so no competing for her…


Emma did the semi-final but couldn’t really get her run together and ended up on 10th place and missed the finals.
Big up’s to all the girls that was really throwing down on both the semi-finals and finals. There where all kind of tricks going – Double Frontflip, cork 900, switch 720 etc.


You’ll see some cool views when you go from Colorado to Utah


Big roads and big trucks


Nina when she flew out from the canon with head first


Emma on the second feature, an A-frame


Emma with a cork 720 on the last jump



Over and out from some retards in the Gondola!


/ The Shred O’rama Crew

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