Back in Europe!

Hi everybody! A lot have happend since we last spoked. We got fed up with that living-in-the-states-thingy (nothing to do with our visas ending, promise!) so we took a flight back home to europe. I myself slept for a week or so, but Nina and Emma went straight back to it and continued on various Scandinavian resorts. Nina hurt her butt and Emma hurt her back so they where both pretty sore when we where heading for the Austrian Freeski Open. Me and Emma decided to steal her dad’s car and take the long drive to Austria. Unfortunately Maria couldn’t join us since her concussion wont go away, it’s a lot better though but still not good enough for switch dubs. In Kitzsteinhorn, Austria, the comp ended up being a rail-jam cus’ of super lame weather. rail-obsessed Nina couldn’t be more stoked to find that out and ended up winning the whole darn thing! Emma did really well but fell on the finish line when she missed her 270-out on the last box -touché! :(


At the moment me and Emma are stoked to be in Tignes for Euro X-Games. It sure was a fun drive from Kaprun to here, passing through Italy was really nice with 17°C in the shadow! There was only one minor incident with a closed road 30-minutes away from Tignes, which resulted in a 3.5 hour extra drive… yay! Build more tunnels plz.



At the top, Kitzsteinhorn.


Good weather for a competition.


Pretty high up, pretty extreme!


Yes, there’s dirt on the lens. I know and I don’t care. shut up!



Now it’s lunch time. Euro x-games style, yummy!


Ajöss till sjöss,

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