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Amazon IHF Home Decor Braided Area Rug Rectangle 20 Inch x 30 from Area Rugs Country Style

Area Rugs Country Style – One way which you can get place rugs to match your décor will be to paint them yourself. There are several ways that you may paint rugs to match your home décor. These include stamping having a stencil or utilizing dye. You can use a paintbrush and make your own masterpiece. Some of the materials you will need to be able to paint rugs for home décor comprise a carpet (you may want to begin with a classic rug for your very first time); a layout (either stencils or stamps); cloth dye or paint and a set of brushes.

Getting started…Before you make an effort to paint the rug for your house, be certain that you know what you need to do. You be in a position to sketch it out in your newspaper and must have a design idea in your head. As soon as you have some notion about what you wish to do, sketch it out and consider how you can make it a reality. Gather up the materials and get started. You might want to prepare the area where you’re working with tarp or paper in order to don’t get dye or paint anyplace else. For your first project, you should start with a classic throw rug.

Using fabric paint- Fabric paint is made to adhere to fabric and is washable. If you’re thinking about using stamps or stenciling the rug, the fabric paint should be used by you as you would stencil or stamp paint. Place the cloth paint on a sheet of paper or on a palette. If stenciling, affix the stencil to the carpet and gradually blot around the stencil with a stencil brush dipped in the paint. This should be utilized when stenciling anything, including a rug and is known as the dry brush method.

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