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Finally on the interwebz!

Monday, December 26th, 2011

Oh deer, here it is, our brand new website! Hopefully it’s downhill from here. It took a while to get all those to-do’s done! When we finally had decided on which camera to buy it took almost two weeks for it to get delivered, and then we had to learn how to use it (still haven’t. Manual focus and picture profiles is killing me). Now we’ve been filming for a week or so, but without any tripods or rigs—which have been stuck in denver for 5 days because of we-don’t-know-why. Apparently UPS don’t want to work on christmas holidays, so now we just have to wait until tomorrow.


Any who, the weather forecast says sunny, sunny, sunny, and it’s been like that for a few weeks now; spring weather and almost no snowfall at all.


Been eating christmas food left overs all day and now it’s time to get to the editing. Don’t really know how to render these 7D-clips but google is your friend, gonna be a long night as usual.


Later Chet Baker,